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The Easiest Random Generators in Town

My next campaign is going to be entirely played online. That's just where my life is right now. While prepping, I realized there was a need for a lot of random tables.
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When David Used Smoke to Defeat Some Bees

We were playing Tomb of Annihilation last week, and the players came across a man drenched in honey, being attacked by a swarm of bees.

Going Beyond DND

There are too many spells in D&D.

Vestigal D&D Mechanisms

It seems like every time I try to sit down and write a blog, I find another blog that says what I want to say, except better.

Random Generation and the Endless Game

I accidentally learned about a game called Caves of Qud (pronounced "cud") by discovering the creator's twitter, and the game has thoroughly captured my interest.

World Building: Addendum

In episode 3, I posit that your world history should be virtually unknown, and discovery should be a natural part of the game, both for the GM and the players. I (seemingly) made the case that you shouldn't invest in your world history because it's mostly a waste of time.

Putting it All Together

This is part of a series, which starts right here. I'm a decent GM. I'm been running this kind of game since 2010. I have a comfortable pattern that leads to games that are generally fun, and don't require a lot of prep.